A Day in the Life of Super Sarah

Making sure our clients are happy is only one side of our business. The pulse of Craft-E-Family is our workshop of elves and we want to take some time to recognize them all individually.

The super star we’ve coined “Super Sarah” started working for us in March 2012. She’s something of a super hero, hence the nickname. She wears so many hats for our business and juggles those tasks like a real champ.

One of the things that we love about having Sarah with us is that she does such a great job fostering relationships with our customers. That’s one of the things she loves most about her job. She hears some really awesome stories from customers that we’ve had return to us for years. They call in and specifically ask for her now. It’s a great feeling knowing our customers are in her capable (and caring) hands.

Super Sarah is truly an all-star employee. Forbes did an article a few years ago acknowledging the traits of a successful employee and we are so blessed to say she meets every one of these.

Sarah has worked for larger businesses before, but one of the things she loves most about her job is that she gets to come in and work with our business mascot – Petunia. It’s not just anywhere that allows a Dalmatian to roam around and bark orders. See what we did there?

Coming to work for Sarah is more than just a job. Her day starts off with her drive to work. With a business in the middle of the woods, she adds, she sees things she would never see working for a larger employer in the city. Inevitably, Sarah is greeted in the morning as she pulls into the driveway at work with “an array of critters.” It’s hard to start your day off on the wrong foot when Bambi greets you!

One of the unique attributes of our business is that we’re a very tight knit group. Sarah makes clear that while she loves her responsibilities at work, what she loves more than that is the fact that we all work so closely together. She says, “It feels like I get to work along side my family members, which is really nice.” It warms our heart that we were able to create this work environment for all of our employees by hiring such superstars.

Sarah is fantastic with our shipping and our customer phone calls. She’s also super about keeping things clean and organized around the office. She is looking forward to what the future holds at Craft-E-Family. Her favorite product that we sell is the personalized family coasters. There are some new products coming out soon and she’s excited to see customer reactions to those. We’re also getting some new machinery to make all of our jobs a little more convenient and we’re all anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Outside of work, Sarah loves taking care of her “fur babies”. She and her boyfriend (who is also her co-worker) have a 3-year-old cat, Sophie, and a 2-month-old beagle puppy, Oakley. Sarah is very active. When the weather permits, she’s out hiking, spending time at her boyfriend’s family’s property in the woods or working on projects around the house. She also loves spending time with her niece and nephew.

We are so pleased with our employees and are proud to introduce Sarah to you formally. I know she looks forward to serving each and every one of you.

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