Graduation & Teacher Gifts

A lot of students, especially the little ones, love to get their teachers presents before the end of the school year to show their appreciation. Their teachers make a big impact on their lives, and the ones kids like the most will be remembered for a while! One way to make sure the teacher undoubtedly remembers their student is by getting them a unique, long-lasting gift, such as our Personalized Crayola Holder. The Crayola holder snugly fits every crayon from the 24 pack, which is included, and displays the teacher’s name in colorful letters on its side, doubling as an organizer and cute decoration. It’s perfect for elementary school teachers or art teachers – plus, they’ll know when a crayon is missing! However, if your student is older and no longer really uses crayons, the Teacher Block is a simple but meaningful gift to show your appreciation. You can personalize the block by adding the year, the grade, the teacher’s name, and the school’s name. The block can be engraved or printed, so there’s an option for the classic teachers and the bright teachers.
Other great gifts for teachers are the Bubble Frame and the Countdown Blocks. For the Bubble Frame, you can have the year engraved and put a class picture in it. Or, if you want the teacher to specifically remember your little one when they are valedictorian, you can put a picture of your child and the teacher in it so that way the teacher always remembers how great of a student your child was. As for the Countdown Blocks, this will allow the teacher to create excitement in the classroom by counting down the days till holidays and breaks. The children will love to watch the numbers tick down to summer break!

Of course, we cannot forget the graduates. Their years of high school or college are nearly over, and they are probably more excited for summer to be here than the little kids! All they are thinking about during the last month of school is walking across that stage to get their diploma and heading off to college or their job. But, with the thought of college comes the ever-looming thought of money. We all know that college is expensive nowadays, so we made getting them a memorable gift (that still includes money!) easy. On our Personalized Graduation Block , we engrave the top with the school’s mascot name, and then on the sides, we have the graduate’s name, the date and the school’s location, the school’s name, and the class’s year. You can put it in a cute little bag that’s big enough for it and some cold hard cash to help your graduate out with their expenses. It’s a card and a keepsake to always remember the day!  For the parents you could always go with a Graduation Picture Frame for them to proudly display.


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